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Our FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat skills program is simple, entertaining and efficient.

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Download the FPRO™ app from App Store or Google Play

Step 2

Learn, Improve and Master your ball control skills with our 3-level program.

Step 3

Train everyday, track your performance on FPRO™ Skill Card and achieve Trophies

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Created by professional skills coaches. FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat
includes all fundamental football technique feints and dribbles.
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track performance

By training everyday you can fill out FPRO™ skill card with your stats that you will find inside our app.


In an app you will find training videos with lots of different skills. Also many tips and tricks for effective training at home.


Our unique design includes all fundamental football technique feints and dribbles. Lines and numbers helps you learn faster.

Perfect tool for kids

"I have been coaching kids for years, and this is the perfect product to help them improve their skills and learn to train on their own! It helps teach technical skills and discipline, the necessities for any young kid looking to improve their game."

- VFA Skills Coach Tomas Staniūnas


Here is what our customers says about us:


The fpro training program is perfect for my son! I recommend it to anyone who has a child that loves and plays football. The training experience is fantastic! 

Sandra Cronbach

I was pleased by the quality of the training courses and the product itself. My daughter really learned football technique which shows during the matches.

Marius Lindstrøm

It has been a very great experience with Fpro! Support was very helpful.

Charli Dialo

Ball mastery training drills were very useful! The product is high quality and easy to look after. The mobile app has great design and is easy to navigate. Really recommend!

Luis Amdion

My son has learned advanced skills from FPRO Ball Mastery training program. Great and really engaging product. Kudos!

Anthony Roberts
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Things Why Ball Mastery Training is Beneficial for Young Athletes

Ball control

Good control lets players keep ball close, move quickly and perform skills to beat defenders.


When a player is able to dribble effectively, they can maintain possession of the ball while manoeuvring around opposing players, which can create openings in the defence.


Accurate passing is a fundamental skill in football because it enables a team to maintain possession, create scoring opportunities, and control the tempo of the game.

Shooting skills

Ball mastery training helps players improve their control, technique, confidence, and creativity, all of which can be extremely useful when shooting.

Overall performance

Ball mastery training helps players improve all the previously mentioned attributes, all of which can contribute to a better overall performance on the pitch. By developing strong ball mastery skills, players can become more effective in their role on the team and help their team succeed.


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Download the free FPRO™ app from the App Store or Google Play.

Fill in your Skill Card with your details and use the unique code, which you will find in the package to unlock the training videos.

Roll out the Ball Mastery Mat on the ground. 

Start training!

Unlock the FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat training videos with your:

Verification code – the unique code can be found on the instruction card inside the FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat package

The FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat program is created by professional skills coaches.

It includes all the fundamental football techniques and drills.

With the help of lines and numbers on the mat, players can learn and understand drills more quickly and efficiently.

FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat – high quality, long-lasting and friction resistant;

Free FPRO™ app account – for tracking your performance on your Skill Card and all the drills you need to improve your football technique;

3-Level Program – despite the player’s experience, every athlete will find drills to match their level;

50+ Trainings – every video is high quality and simple enough for players to understand and master the drills;

Traveling Bag – you can carry your mat anywhere you like;