FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat and Training Program

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FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat is a training tool designed to help develop your football-specific motor skills and overall coordination. With lines and numbers, its unique design helps learn the drills more easily while also encouraging creativity. It also helps young football players develop discipline by training at least 20 minutes a day.

Why would you need more accounts?

Let's say there are two kids playing football and they both want to practice their drills on one mat. Two accounts give you possibility to both of them have their own stats, skill card, etc. More accounts may give other possibilities, i. e. football academies, teams or else. 

The basic package includes:

  • FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat
  • 1 FPRO™ App Account
  • Traveling Bag
  • 45+ Drills Training Program
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        "FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat helps young players to improve their skills in a fun and easy way."
        - Darius J - Certified UEFA B coach

        How does it work?

        Our FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat skills program is simple, entertaining and efficient.

        Step 1

        Download the FPRO™ app from App Store or Google Play

        Step 2

        Learn, Improve and Master your ball control skills with our 3-level program.

        Step 3

        Train every day, track your performance in the FPROTM Skill Card and achieve trophies

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        Children learn best when they are in a safe and protected environment where
        they are allowed to fail without ridicule.


        Watch simple tutorial videos, follow the lines and numbers to gain ball mastery skills more quickly and efficiently.

        GET BETTER

        With our 3-level program you can gradually improve your ball control skills.

        What's included?

        • Ball Mastery Mat - high quality, long-lasting and friction resistant;
        • Traveling bag - you can carry your mat anywhere you like;
        • Free FPRO™ app - track your performance on your Skill Card, learn the drills that you need to improve your football technique;
        • 50+ trainings - each video is high quality and simple enough for players of all levels to understand;
        • 3 levels - your level doesn’t matter, you’ll find the drills that will match and challenge your level;


        Here is what our customers says about us:


        My son has learned advanced skills from FPRO Ball Mastery training program. Great and really engaging product. Kudos!

        Anthony Roberts

        Ball mastery training drills were very useful! The product is high quality and easy to look after. The mobile app has great design and is easy to navigate. Really recommend!

        Luis Amdion

        The fpro training program is perfect for my son! I recommend it to anyone who has a child that loves and plays football. The training experience is fantastic! 

        Sandra Cronbach
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        Can't Find Questions?
        Email Us info@fpro.shop

        Download the free FPRO™ app from the App Store or Google Play.

        Fill in your Skill Card with your details and use the unique code, which you will find in the package to unlock the training videos.

        Roll out the Ball Mastery Mat on the ground. 

        Start training!

        Unlock the FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat training videos with your:

        Verification code – the unique code can be found on the instruction card inside the FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat package

        The FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat program is created by professional skills coaches.

        It includes all the fundamental football techniques and drills.

        With the help of lines and numbers on the mat, players can learn and understand drills more quickly and efficiently.

        FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat – high quality, long-lasting and friction resistant;

        Free FPRO™ app account – for tracking your performance on your Skill Card and all the drills you need to improve your football technique;

        3-Level Program – despite the player’s experience, every athlete will find drills to match their level;

        50+ Trainings – every video is high quality and simple enough for players to understand and master the drills;

        Traveling Bag – you can carry your mat anywhere you like;

        Money back guarantee

        We stand behind our FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat training method, which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our product, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.